Porsche 944 Endurance racing sellout    $30,000     For Sale by Owner

Porsche 944 Endurance racing sellout    $30,000

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1985.5 Porsche 944 endurance car sellout legal for champ,wrl,Scca
Chassis and Suspension
Front strut tower brace
Kelly Mose front camber plates
Fab car front lower control arms
16x8 Fuchs oe Porsche 951 toyo tires
Turbo brakes plus spindle upgrade
Weltmeister swaybars
Koni shocks + ground control front sleeves
Eibach race springs manual steering rack
AC delete battery kill switches under hood and under wiper cowl. lyndsy racing 3 piece cross member brand new sabelt 1500$ full contaiment seat with sabelt harness new
Sun roof welded closed
Fiberglass front and rear bumpers
Brand new rear koni shocks
All lexan windows and side windows with naca duct

Braille light weight 8 pound battery with complete system new with shutoff
Brand new race spark plug wires and plugs from Lindsey racing
Brand new rotor cap
Brand new high vibrations msd coil blaster
Brand new complete endurance racing lightning system removes pop up head lights super bright 1500$ system weights nothing
Chassis has major weight reduction
Fitapaldie quick release steering wheel
Brand new low drag bearings front and rear complete with low drag seals
Everything on this car is just about fresh

M44 2.7 8v completely refreshed
7v non turbo limited slip differential
Glyco connecting rod bearings
Crankshaft balances and polished number 2 rod journal drilled this machining helps keep from eating bearings
Timing belts and are in great shape just inspected
Accusump pressure accumulator
Earls oil cooler
Bursch long tube race header
Magnaflow 2.5 catalytic converter
Only 944 shift linkages and short shifter
Only 944 throttle body response cam

Electronic systems
Aim Mxl2 system with gps and all sensors over 3000$ just in the system alone brand new with software

Complete car to crew radio system digital radio setup over 3500 in radios and equipment for communications
89 dmi with performance chip

Complete fuel quick fuel fuel system with 4 jugs empt 20 gallons in less than 30 seconds

Also can come with Pitbox with three seats on top and can be included built by Stewart Haas racing has tons of storage tool box with lock and keys can hold two nitrogen bottles already plumbed as well just hook u air line comes with weather gauges has bolt bins in the back tons of shelves and space for radios plenty of power hook up as well can come full of tools as well

Car will come also with setup tools scales toe gauges camber gauges

Everything including Pitbox and trailer 30,000

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