1991 Spec Miata    $9,750     Sold

1991 Spec Miata

- Race-ready 1991 (NA / 1.6L) Spec Miata
- Recent build (zero contract or crashes)
- SCCA log book with 2020 annual tech
- Engine by Rebello Racing
• Fresh in 2017; only two races
• Dyno sheet available (over 120hp)
- Mazdacomp LS rear differential (rare!)
- Many spares:
• Rain tires (mounted)
• Three sets of wheels (Team Dynamics)
• Differential (open), hubs, tie rods, hood, bumper, etc.
- Prices (firm):
$9,750 Car only (includes all of the above)
$10,650 Car and open trailer ($1500 value)
$11,500 Car, trailer, Cool Shirt system ($900 value), Rumblestrip Racing GPS Timer ($300 value), two fuel containers, air tank, jack stands, and car cover

Buy the whole package and you are ready to race! (Located in the Bay Area, California)


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