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About Performance Cars

Performance cars are road registrable vehicles that are either of notable driving or power characteristics or can be a good donor vehicle for your new race car build. Vehicles in this category are typically street legal production cars with light or heavy modifications that will vary dramatically from car to car and owner to owner. Performance cars can participate in track-days / sprint style events, sometimes referred to as lapping; but will usually require additional modifications (i.e. a Roll cage) to be allowed to participate in any sort of officially sanctioned motor sport events.

To make sure that your Performance Racing car, trailer for the Performance Racing, set of tools or anything related to Performance Racing is easily found try to always select the most appropriate category when creating your ad. The best way to sell your Performance Racing car is to include as much information about each particular vehicle, specifically the class and the style being very important for prospective buyers to know. As well as posting pictures of race cars will always attract more attention - as many pictures as you can, please. It may also be helpful to include notable characteristics such as road registration eligibility for asphalt race cars and title status, or any additional extras like a spare set of wheels or tires and if there are any custom racing tools that are included in your offer. Last but not least always show off your race car's achievements, because those vehicles that have been proven in professional or amateur competitions and have won a title (or few) will gather more attention from the first time buyers.

If your are shopping - enjoy your stay, we hope that you will find the Performance Racing car of your dreams right here!