Alfa Romeo - 1972 GTV    $32,000     For Sale by Owner

Alfa Romeo - 1972 GTV    $32,000

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A friend here in the Northwest with a long-standing professional race shop has a listing I had to share! This is a great deal on a two litre race car, a coveted Alfa Romeo!
1972 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0L with fresh 5-speed gearbox. Comes with extra 3 sets of wheels and a spare trans.
This was raced nationwide this season and has been very fun for her first car! NOT abused, and always with professional track support, this is an incredible price for a two litre! Normally this price gets you a 1300cc, well used!
Please give Tony a call at: (206) 612-1782 or horizonracing@msn.com
Thank you!

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