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in AL


The chassis is a CRG Torq. The Torq chassis is a model CRG made to work with 4 Cycle engines such as Hondas, Clones, Briggs World Formula, Briggs Animal, Briggs LO206, etc. Would also do well with a lesser powered 2 stroke engine as well, i.e. KT100, PRD Fireball, Rotax Mini or Jr. The frame was straight and in great condition with no scrapes on the bottom, so I stripped it down and had it repowdercoated factory black. I have spent over a year getting the kart to its current condtion. I am OCD and made sure that everything was done right. I was planning on running this at my local track, but I no longer have the time I thought I would. I could go in to details describing it from front to back, but I will list out some of the highlights.

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