1989 Nissan 240sx with LS Turbo    $18,000     For Sale by Owner

1989 Nissan 240sx with LS Turbo    $18,000

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The vehicle is most likely located in Canada. Bringing a "race car" over the border is easier than a road-registered / registrable vehicle, but may be a challenge if the car was previously registered to drive on public roads.
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If a race car was never registered as road vehicle no DOT or EPA certifications apply, and no duties should be charged - subject to the US CBP regulations at the time.
Please confirm the details with your intended US port of entry (border crossing agent) by phone before taking your trip.

For Sale!!!

1989 Nissan 240sx with LS Turbo

-FD Legal just needs passenger seat and harness.

-500whp / 550 ft lb

-5.3L LM7 Motor with GTX4294R turbine
-Treadstone 1300hp rated intercooler with dual Forge blow off valves / Dual 44mm wastegates.
-Big aluminum radiator custom
-4" to 3" custom axle back exhaust with downturn all V band clamps.
-GM Performance hotcam.
-CompCams valve springs and pushrods.
-ARP rod bolts.
-Moroso Oil pan
-2 Quart Accusump
-LS2 Intake manifold
-102mm Throttle body
-Mcleod Twin disk clutch with RAM HD release bearing
-4 speed Rankin Dogbox transmission (stock car)
-Custom 1 piece aluminum driveshaft
-Nissan GTR differential (2 way) 4.1
-Infiniti Q45 axles
-5 lug
-300zx brakes with dual rear calipers for hydraulic handbrake/ Hawk hp plus rear, DTC 60 fronts.
-HSD Coilovers 8k-6k custom front control arms with ERA 1 50mm drop knuckles.
-ISIS rear multilink
-Prodrive replica wheels
-8 point rollcage with nascar style door bars and anti intrusion bars
-Tube chassis front and rear all dom .95
-JAZ 10 Gallon fuel cell with custom swirl pot low pressure fuel pump and Aeromotive tsunami fuel pump.
-AN everything, front to rear there isnt a rubber line used on the car excluding the vaccuum lines, over $2000 worth in lines and fittings.
-Autometer guages
-AEM Wideband
-Sparco ADV drivers seat with 5 point harness (1 year old)
-3 nozzle fire surpression system (Halon)
-Custom L.E.D. headlights
-Rocket bunny bodykit (replica)
-FDF rear spoiler uprights Speed daddy 69" wing with custom endplates
-All windows made from Lexan
-3rd and 4th brake lights
-Custom front splitter
-Sitch welded chassis
-z33 inner tie rods with ...

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