Rocketsport Corvette C6- TA- GT1    $75,600     For Sale by Owner

Rocketsport Corvette C6- TA- GT1    $75,600

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This listing is from our Canadian sister website www.Racing.ca
Because of the extremely favorable USD / CAD exchange rate it might be an awesome deal!
At the moment CAD 105000.00 ≈ USD 75600.00

The vehicle is most likely located in Canada. Bringing a "race car" over the border is easier than a road-registered / registrable vehicle, but may be a challenge if the car was previously registered to drive on public roads.
You only need to have the signed Canadian registration paper and the Bill of Sale on you when going over the border with your newly acquired race car.
If a race car was never registered as road vehicle no DOT or EPA certifications apply, and no duties should be charged - subject to the US CBP regulations at the time.
Please confirm the details with your intended US port of entry (border crossing agent) by phone before taking your trip.

TA-GT1 RocketSport C6 Corvette

Hewlland wide gearbox and many spares, Over 25 extra gear set
MXL Pista with many sensors for Data Acquisition and Analysis
Alcon TA6 front MB4 Rear, Rebuild and Press Checked at HRP
True Trac Differential 2 races
12 BBS Wheels
New Tilton 800 pedal Assembly with 78 series masters
5.5 Tilton Clutch
3 way adjustable Penskes
Mark meissen updates 2009
Holley Pumps
many Carbulators, 2 new
CRD 335 Shortdeck race engine 700+Hp
Full cool suit system
Many ...

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