2006 Radical SR3    $32,400     For Sale by Owner

2006 Radical SR3    $32,400

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Because of the extremely favorable USD / CAD exchange rate it might be an awesome deal!
At the moment CAD 45000.00 ≈ USD 32400.00

The vehicle is most likely located in Canada. Bringing a "race car" over the border is easier than a road-registered / registrable vehicle, but may be a challenge if the car was previously registered to drive on public roads.
You only need to have the signed Canadian registration paper and the Bill of Sale on you when going over the border with your newly acquired race car.
If a race car was never registered as road vehicle no DOT or EPA certifications apply, and no duties should be charged - subject to the US CBP regulations at the time.
Please confirm the details with your intended US port of entry (border crossing agent) by phone before taking your trip.

2006 Radical SR3 1400cc with High Downforce Kit, Stock plus the options below:
• Clear coat carbon fiber body (one of only two in the US when I bought car in 2008), not heavier fiberglass
• 1400cc Suzuki Hyabusa engine (a modified 1300cc engine) with Hyabusa ECU and Power Commander setup for full tuning ability
• Original PowerTec ECU, throttle body, fuel rail, and other misc components to convert back to Standard PowerTec engine setup
• A spare 1300cc Hyabusa Engine (this K7 engine and transmission requires a full rebuild but it can be included in the purchase if interested)
• Fuel injected
• Dry sump equipped
• Gear drive oil cooler
• Triple-adjustable Intrax shocks
• High downforce front dive planes, undertray and dual-element rear wing
• Carbon-kevlar front undertray brake cooling shrouds
• Two sets of wheels ...

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