F1000/Libre    $20,160     For Sale by Owner

F1000/Libre    $20,160

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This listing is from our Canadian sister website www.Racing.ca
Because of the extremely favorable USD / CAD exchange rate it might be an awesome deal!
At the moment CAD 28000.00 ≈ USD 20160.00

The vehicle is most likely located in Canada. Bringing a "race car" over the border is easier than a road-registered / registrable vehicle, but may be a challenge if the car was previously registered to drive on public roads.
You only need to have the signed Canadian registration paper and the Bill of Sale on you when going over the border with your newly acquired race car.
If a race car was never registered as road vehicle no DOT or EPA certifications apply, and no duties should be charged - subject to the US CBP regulations at the time.
Please confirm the details with your intended US port of entry (border crossing agent) by phone before taking your trip.

F1000/FB/: (Registered as Formula Libre)

Link to photo bucket: s27.photobucket.com/user/dkwf1000/library/F1000?sort=

This car has run no more than 10 laps around Mission Raceway in BC.

The car comes with the following:
1. Aim MXL dash and data logger.
2. Flat shifter max Paddle shifter with expert controller.
3. Power commander V.
4. Gear shift light indicator.
5. 2008 Suzuki GSXR1000 with Rilltech wet sump system. This engine is standard out of the bike from Rilltech and is said to have about 5000 miles on it.
6. Custom made stainless steel headers fitted with Rilltech Racing muffler.
7. Williams’s (WRD-CDD-1000) differential with tripod housings.
8. Fuel Safe fuel cell – 6 gal. Expiry date February 2018.
9. Fire extinguisher – E.S.S. – CO2 Cartridge.
10. Aluminum water and oil coolers- Phoenix Race works.
11. Sabelt 6 point safety harness – ...

More Info: F1000/Libre

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