indy lights lola 97-20 For Sale in sarnia, ON $63,216
1997 Lola 97-20 indy light For sale number 69 Lola, with or without spares...
indy lights lola 97-20 main photo

Oct 5, 2017

CRG KART For Sale in USA, AL $2,000
The chassis is a CRG Torq. The Torq chassis is a model CRG made to work...
CRG KART main photo

Sep 24, 2017

1976 Lynx B Formula Vee For Sale in 761 Vimy Rd. Winnipeg, MB $2,880
Vintage Formula Vee VW 1200 engine and spare. Z-bar suspension, 6 wheels...
1976 Lynx B Formula Vee main photo

Sep 22, 2017

JR Dragster For Sale in Straffordville, ON $3,600
I have a Spitzer JR Dragster with raptor motor/polar clutch new front...
JR Dragster main photo

Sep 14, 2017

1984 Camaro For Sale in Martensville, SK $18,000
1984 Camaro * 511 C.I Stroker BBC -Eagle Forged Crankshaft Int. Balanced...
1984 Camaro  main photo

Sep 14, 2017

Vintage Race Car Storage, Maintenance, And Trackside Assistance Service Offered in Grandville, MI $500
Our shop can offer chassis scaling for your race car, or track day car....

Sep 10, 2017

Neon Style Clocks For Your Shop Or Office For Sale in Grandville, MI $100
Dress up any room with something really cool. Neon style clocks come in...
Neon Style Clocks For Your Shop Or Office main photo

Sep 10, 2017

1993 lx tube chassis all fiberglass mustang For Sale in jenkins ky $24,000
i have a nice 1993 mustang lx all fiber glass and tube chassis has a 605...
1993 lx tube chassis all fiberglass mustang main photo

Sep 2, 2017

ford For Sale in 16184 20 ave. Surrey, BC
"race car"
ford main photo

Aug 23, 2017

2004 Mazda Rx8 For Sale in 34ave Edmonton, AB $3,240
Selling my Rx8, was going to try turning it into a race car but ran out...
2004 Mazda Rx8 main photo

Aug 8, 2017

BMW E46 M3 For Sale in Montreal, QC $18,000
BMW E46 M3 Imola red Car is still plated in Quebec Car located in South...
BMW E46 M3 main photo

Aug 8, 2017

1967 Lotus Elan SE For Sale in Southern California $46,000
Hi, Offering this excellent chassis, 1967 Lotus Elan SE. 1700CC, excellent...
1967 Lotus Elan SE main photo

Apr 12, 2017

2012 AUDI R8 GT3 LMS Ultra For Sale in 2251 Topline Way, Brooksville, FL $160,000
2012 AUDI R8 GT3 LMS Ultra Car current with GT3 and Pirelli World Challenge...
2012 AUDI R8 GT3 LMS Ultra main photo

Aug 31, 2016

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